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October 27, 2013 8:42 PM

I’m currently procastinating AP Calculus and AP Lang homework. And every other class.

Hello internet, You’re more than likely here because you remember me/know me. Here’s my past. Go ahead, look at it. I am embarrassed about various things on it. I do think I was quite foolish for many of the things I wrote. But you know what? I am a different person. So go ahead, laugh with me. Most of these posts do not express the person I am currently, but there are definitely some things that have not changed.

1. I am still a selfish person. That will never change, but it can vary in its degree.

2. I enjoy collecting my memories and writing about them… in my password protected Tumblog.

3. I fucking cuss, so don’t be an asshole and tell me to stop. I’ll have none of that bullshit.

4. I am a terrible human being.

5. I am still overweight (HAHA, and up until today, it hasn’t bothered me).

6. I try to be am cool.

7. I look for friends and I am eager to make them (out of clay, or a dead body…)

8. I think I am funny.

9. I never finish my stories.

In 10 years from now, I doubt I will change.

So, shoot me an e-mail amaizyng(at)gmail(dot)com or tweet me @_amaizyng_ I have an Instagerm, too, but I prefer to keep that on the down low.

Visitors + More

I’ve had two visitors from Seoul visit this blog. You don’t think YG Papa is reading my unfinished story, do you?

I have guesses that Lydia is from Auckland or Hamilton, because those are the only two locations where I’ve had New Zealand visitors.

People from China have visited me. Aren’t they… blocked out? Chinese SOPA’d?

Chinese SOPA. Sounds like food.

Chinese SOPA. Read the rest of this entry

Protected: A Fairy Tale

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Good Things Come in 4’s

It’s going to be 2012, soon. Everyone (or at least most people are) saying they want 2012 to be good to them and that 2011 was hard. A year is what you make it. 2011 was a great year, but I’m going to make 2012 better.

2008 was the first year everything started. The year I started Dizzywood and made most of my friends. It’s almost going to be 4 years since my virtual adventure began.

2012 is said to be the year of the apocalypse. If it is, then it’s time I make my year worth it. Not that I really do believe in it.

A good year is filled with mistakes and good times. Mistakes help you realize good times, and good times help you realize mistakes. Mistakes help you improve to give you good times. Good times are the reward of making mistakes.

I’m going to make a lot of smart mistakes this 2012.

Chicken Smoothie Rant: Hoards

I do not approve of greedy hoards on Chicken Smoothie. Especially hoards of rares. I do not like it when I’m looking for a pet on my wishlist and the person who I’m trading with has a hoard of 150 of them and they are NFT (Never For Trade). That pisses me off. There is someone hoarding the German Shepherds of 2009, another person with the PPS tribal feather of 2010, and someone else with the PPS snow puppy of this year’s Advent Calendar. The German Shepherds don’t bother me so much because I’m not looking for them, but it consists of Uncommons and Rares. For the tribal feather PPS, it was once on my wishlist and this person who I was trading with was hoarding a billion of them! I know it’s an uncommon, but I really wanted that dog. I did get it from someone else, thank you for asking. On the other hand, the person with the PPS snow puppy was kind enough to trade me one, even though she was hoarding it. If a person hoards a pet, but it is a dreamie for someone, they should give it up if the person has a good pet to offer. I KNOW you love that pet so much, but you need to think of others, too.
Of course, Chicken Smoothie is a public place and people who hoard pets don’t just receive the pets, they work for them. CS is sort of like a place of “commerce” if you will. You receive pets and then you trade about and negotiate deals to get the outcomes you want instead. A Global Trade. Everyone has the privilege of having every pet possible, but, yes, they need to earn it and hoards get in the way, unless they are open for trade.

Chapter 9: The City

In the distance, lights went off one by one until the sky was all that was left.

“We’re going there,” Jamie pointed. Peyton and Jamie ran toward the city, and soon I tagged along.

Once the scene grew darker, I knew I was in the city. Or was I? It looked different. The best way to explain it was dismal. The streets were black, the few people who walked on them were covered in dirt, and the vehicles that passed by were the only source of colors that were visible, other than the occasional yellow light.

Everyone stared at the three of us, probably because we were so clean. Jamie bumped me, “We won’t stay here for long. It’s not a good city. I know a much nicer one, but we’ll have to change our appearance and it will be quite a distance.”

The city looked much different than the pictures in Volume 15, or 1. The cities pictured in those books looked much cleaner and neater. There were more people and on the streets were vehicles known as cars. Places looked happier. I even saw two men shaking hands.

“Where is this place?” I asked.

Peyton coughed through the dusty air, “New York.” This couldn’t be New York. New York has a significantly larger amount of buildings, especially the Empire State Building. “We’re only here because we have an ally.”

Jamie grunted in disbelief, “We have allies?”

“A few, but they’re scattered around in many places. They’re friends who know what’s going on and said they’d have my back if I ever wanted to escape. Opal came with me once and said they honestly meant it and that they weren’t affiliated with the government or lab.”

Peyton led us to an alley where a tough-looking man in a suit was waiting by a door.

“Who sent you?” the man’s eyes were on us. He looked like a gangster, and he probably was.

Peyton, without a sweat, looked him straight in the eye. “Billy did.”

The gangster crossed his arms, “Billy’s not here no more. Said he’s better off by himself.” Peyton still looked at him in the eye, as if he was expecting something.

Fear finally stroked the gangster’s brow. He opened the door and escorted us inside.

“Jones,” he shouted. “Some kids say they’re here for you. One of them goes by the name of Peyton.”

“Peyton? When did I last meet you, Peyton?” A voice from the room we were approaching echoed.

“Spring 2061. Near the dried fountain. You said you’d have my back,” Peyton replied. “We’re escaping and we need money.”

Billy was at a desk with several men around him. “I can take care of that for you. Only for a favor in return.”


“We’re planning a raid in another building, and we need some extra muscle to kick their asses.”


I felt a pang of worry. Wouldn’t raiding be illegal? “Peyton, what are you doing? We’re going to get in trouble,” I alerted him.

“It’s okay. We’re going to have to do things like these if you want to escape.”

“If you don’t want to, your girls could be of use to us for a night,” Billy offered.

“We’ll help you raid,” I spoke up.

One of the men next to Billy handed each of us a gun.

“Let’s go,” he called out. He looked down at me, “Call me Will if you found their loot or the boss.”

Peyton whispered, “We’ll surprise him and raid them ahead of time.”

What next happened could be described by so much more detail, but all I can say is that it was bloody hell.

Chapter 8: The Safe House

The sun was starting to set after hours of discussing the files that Quartz found.

“We need new names. The rest of the country doesn’t know what we look like, but they certainly know our names. So from now on, you can only refer to me as Peyton. That’s my name,” Quartz informed.

Jade added, “And unless we’re ever in the lab again, I’m Jamie.”

Peyton and Jamie suggested names until I decided upon Addison, or Adi, for short.

“And remember, Adi. We’re 19. Peyton’s 21. Got it?” Jamie said.

“Got it.” I replied.

It was finally dark, and a cabin appeared a bit deeper into woods. The three of us entered it. It looked abandoned, but not dirty and old. No one lived inside it. The cabin looked like a small, one room house that held a kitchen, one huge bed, a bathroom, and an electrical charging station.

The three of us lay down on the bed and closed our eyes. I wasn’t sure about them, but I felt a bit awkward finding myself in the same bed as Peyton.

In the middle of the night, Jamie was holding onto me as she laid her head against my upper arm. I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t go back to sleep unless I slept on the floor.

Around 5AM, Peyton woke us up so we could get out of the safe house before it disappeared again.

“Why don’t you go take a shower, Abby? I think my clothes smell like you,” Jamie asked. I felt a bit embarrassed.

“Sure,” I got out before I was overwhelmed with embarrassment.

After 15 minutes, Peyton yelled at me to hurry and get out of the shower. I still smelled the same, but at least I felt fresh. I walked out and saw Peyton standing there. Again, I felt humiliated for him to see me like this, naked.

“Can you please go, Peyton? I need a bit of privacy,” I begged. He shrugged and walked out and closed the door behind him. I hurried and on some clothes I found in a drawer. Then, I picked up my backpack that I put by the door and went outside. Suddenly, the safe house disappeared and it was like it never existed.

Replacing Members in K-Pop Groups?

Do you know how there are groups who has members that have left? Wonder Girls and U-Kiss are two of these groups that have had members leave and brought new ones back in. I’m not sure, but I think T-ara has as well, and Teen TOP is adding 6 or 7 new members. (As you can see, I haven’t been into K-Pop as much anymore, so I really don’t know much about the other groups.) I personally think that replacing members isn’t a good idea.

One of the reasons is that the group isn’t about the members, it’s about the music. But members are the characters, the idols, those who the fangirls go crazy over. But then you have someone else come into play and all of a sudden, this is kind of a new group. It’s like adding some guy no one’s heard of into SHINee, BIGBANG, B2ST, 2NE1, SNSD. Yes, there is the music, but why can’t the group go on without that member? They can be depressed about it, but a group must also be a character and a musician. That’s what K-Pop is all about.

People like K-Pop because it’s like US-Pop, but we can get more involved with it. (As how I see it.) Groups literally have their own fan clubs. BIGBANG’s VIP. 2NE1’s Blackjacks. SHINee’s Shawols(?). B2ST’s B2uties. The fans love them more than the music. Therefore, they love the group’s members. Why can’t they and other trainees make a new group?

Let’s say Taeyang (I’m sorry Taeyang, I have to use you ._.) dropped out of BIGBANG. Even though you’d hate the shit out of him for doing that, wouldn’t you be a little hurt if someone else took his place, especially if they weren’t like him at all? It would mean he’s replaceable! A group is about the irreplaceable members.

Maybe I don’t have a really strong point, but I’m not expecting to make an impact on K-Pop, considering they probably couldn’t read this and such. Hopefully, you get where I’m coming from.

Make this day AMAIZYNG!

How Do I Even Describe Today?

Well, I might as well start in the beginning of the day where it’s 6 AM. Waking up in the morning. Gotta be fresh, gotta straighten my hair… EVERYBODY’S RUSSIAN.

No, just kidding. I woke up at 6 AM to straighten my hair. My beautiful brown-fake blonde hair. Then my mom was angry that I got up so early to “beautify myself”.

Then my mom dropped me off on the street to walk to school and I saw Maggie, AKA my best friend, and her twin brother. We walked to school, found our friends, shared a story about how my butt’s shadow looked big then found out it’s not just the shadow ._. (TMI, I know), and the bell rang and I went to English.

English: I’m the only one in my class who thinks that my high school isn’t a safe place.

Math: Boring. The teacher’s nice, but I’m in an Honor’s class so there’s no one throwing notes at each other and I think I’m in the same class as some sophomores and juniors.

Brunch: I’d share stories about my love life but I like to keep them a little for secret because I’m selfish and I like to keep memories to myself ^^ (You don’t deserve to know ;).

Spanish: Played a game where we had to say “Se llama… Me llamo…”

PE: Laughed at the word balls. Really loud.

Lunch: Read the Brunch paragraph above. Tomorrow will be my boyfriend’s birthday. I didn’t know what to do, or what to get him, so we sat together on the hill, eating our lunch. He was throwing pieces of trail mix to the birds. We made little jokes about how his friends are teasing him because they are jealous. We, uh, kinda made out when lunch ended, as a birthday present. It was our second kiss. I’m still like a kid, so it was a little scary for me. Hopefully, I will get used to it.
Edit 3/17/2012: For sake of keeping memories to look back on in the future and ridiculing myself until embarrassment for the fun of it, I added what happened, writing as if it was still August 19, 2011.

Graphic Arts: PE and Biology are switched, so now I have Cross Country after this class, and Biology after Spanish.


i dieeeeed.

And on the run (I mean walk) back to school, Maggie, who is in my CC class, and I were approached by some dudes, probably Sophomores or Juniors. We were right by ourselves and they asked us how old we were, so Maggie’s like “high school…” and I just didn’t give a crap so I said “freshmen”. Then they laughed and Maggie’s all “why did you say that!?!?” and after we’re like, 5 feet away, one of them blurts out “The one on the left is cute”. I kinda think that made Maggie feel bad since… I was the one on the left. ._.

Then I went to the market, bought a Peace Tea, and the cashier, a woman, said that I was pretty ^^. And I got a free baklava. Google it.

The end. No lies were intended in this blog post.

PS- Maggie, if you’re reading this… I hope you don’t think you’re not beautiful. Because the guys did say I was cute, but they never said you weren’t cute, beautiful, pretty, etc. Besides. I was wearing a spaghetti strap. And I was wet. So…

Chapter 7: The Files

“Silver was the first experiment ever to be created,” Quartz started. “Crystal and Coral had not, yet, been born, which they would in two and three months from then. I don’t exactly know much, but I do know this. The labs have given each of us our own abilities that we specialize in. Silver was created to be able to travel through time. He couldn’t visit the past or future, but he could see the past clearly. For the future, he would guess, and through multiple tests, most of his guesses were correct. The scientists wanted Volume 15 around the time you were created, so they hooked up Silver in some machines and made him predict all that would be in the book. They sat me in the same room in front of a computer so I could write down everything he said. For the pictures, the machines took Silver’s mental images and printed them. It’s a lot of detail to explain how it works.”

“So, if Silver’s ability is time, mine is health, Quartz has technology, what is yours?” Jade asked.

I was fickle, “I’m not sure. I’m probably knowledge or strength, but I think that is Amethyst and Bronze.”

Quartz started looking more and more into the files, especially mine, 9572. His eyes widened, “Amber, you’re actually born to be released in the future. You are you believe that all your life, you have lived in a year. The notes say that the labs don’t want you out because you’re special, and they don’t want other countries to realize your talents.”

“Well, what makes me so special?” I asked.

“Your genes were mutated with animals, just like us, so we could run fast like a cheetah, hear like a dog, see like a bird, change colors like a chameleon, etc. But what makes you different is that you can hack computers, you have a body odor, you can see something called colors, and you have most of the talents that everyone else has. Actually, Agate is very much like you. The lab considers you two their first pair. In fact, you both have something that the rest of us don’t have. It’s called feelings.”

“Who is Agate, anyway? I’ve never actually met her.” I asked. Jade and Quartz looked at each other.

Jade just stared, “Agate is actually a boy.”

Chapter 6: It’s Not Like the Books

America isn’t… like the books.

There aren’t any wire posts lining the streets, street lights are missing, no tall skyscrapers, there’s only dried up bushes. Like a desert. I know something is missing. There are pictures of what the outside of the lab looks like. The lab is in a city filled with lights, busy streets crowded with cars, people chatting here and there.

But no. It’s gone.

“Jade,” I muttered. I was hearing my voice for the first time in so long, considering the three of us telepathically communicated, and I refused to talk to anyone else. “This isn’t America, is it?”

“It is,” she said. “The city isn’t here. It’s 5 minutes away if you sprint.”

“But, the textbook… the city used to be here. The lab was here with the city!”

“What textbook?”

“Knowing Your World Volume 15.” Quartz and Jade exchanged looks.

“Look we need to leave. I’ll meet you at the triplet trees.” Jade disappeared and left a trail of dust.

“The triplet trees?” I asked Quartz. He took my watch and tore it apart quickly, taking out a tiny device. Then, he programmed some coordinates.

“The triplet trees is where the light sees. It’s the experiments’ resort when their missions abort. A safe house is near there they say. But you can only find it after the day. When it’s there you’ll know, meet your friends before you go. For those who have not, they say death has got.” Quartz, too, ran and left.

It was up to me to leave. No one left a trail of footprints. I set one foot out after another and soon enough, the wind was racing through my hair. I put my other leg out and I felt my heart beating as if time was going faster. Things blurred a bit and my muscles tightened up. Before I knew it, I reached the triplet trees.

I coughed a bit and got down on my knees to relax my leg muscles. I saw a bit of blood on the floor and looked at Jade, who knew much more about health than I did.

“Change your look,” she said to me. I nodded as I returned to my state of green eyes, ginger hair, and pale skin. “So, what do you mean, Volume 15? They haven’t even came out with Volume 10!”

Quartz looked a bit uneasy as he opened his backpack, took out his laptop, and plugged in the USB key. He said, “I’ve never really been able to access any files besides the ones I do have the password to.” He turned to me, “I was wondering if you could possibly hack into the system for me?”

Gladly, I took the laptop and started jamming my fingers into the keyboard, then my fingers did a little something of its own.

“I’d like to look into the files of us and this whole project. I don’t know much besides the fact that in the lab, there are 15 experimental human-mutations.”

I stared at him confused, “What are you talking about? Lawrence tells me everything about the project.”

They both stared at me, “Like what?”

“America is against China, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and Africa to make the best human being possible. The project started 65 years ago when America was faced with its biggest problem: Stupidity. Idiots started taking over the country. First, they invaded the government and little by little, they disrupted our country. All our money went down the drain, people started losing so many jobs, and their own kind became richer. People died from hunger and disease because they couldn’t afford food and healthcare. Most of the smarter people who survived were annihilated by those who the idiots gave guns to to protect our country. But instead, they were like auto-immune. Killing the good things instead of the bad.

“Anyhow, the lucky few who stayed alive, like Lawrence’s family and all the scientists and nurses who work in the labs had to come up with an idea that could save the country, and possibly the world. They decided that they were going to create the best race possible. But they needed money and help, so they turned to the other countries and shared with them their plan. Luckily, they got money and help, but soon enough, the countries started turning on America, and they no longer funded the lab. Now, they are in a race against all other countries who share the same dream. 40 years ago, Silver, Crystal and Coral were the first three experiments. 33 years ago, Amethyst, Opal, and Diamond were born. 21 years ago, Quartz, Sapphire, and Bronze were born. 19 years ago, Jade, Topaz, Agate, and I were born. The 15th experiment hasn’t existed yet. America is trying to perfect us, before they can perfect Sardonyx and Bloodstone.”

“65 years ago, are you serious? And we’re not that old, yet. We only look 21 and 19.” Jade said. “Amber, we’re 3. Quartz is 5. Silver’s generation is 24, but they look 40. Opal’s generation is 17, but they look 33. We’re made to look older. If there’s any part of the project I know, that’s what it is.”

Quartz realized, “And if you’re 16 years ahead, then the program started almost 50 years ago. Just like it says here.” He showed us the plans on a computer screen. “That means, Amber’s been living like she thinks it’s the year 2080. It’s only 2065. But how you got the book… I think I know.”

Chapter 5: Mission Complete

Dr. Lawrence along with 2 other men were in the elevator. Dr. Lawrence is the director of what goes on in the NWW. His best project is said to be me, and that I could take down each and every one of the world’s Scientific Races. I just don’t know how to do it, yet.

And he caught me, with Quartz and Jade. Two syringes were behind my back as he stared at me.

“What are you doing out of the Northwest Wing, 9572?” He asked. I was speechless. I knew I would be taken and whipped. Then all of a sudden, Jade and Quartz casually walked into the elevator without a sound and Dr. Lawrence saying anything. They quietly injected the two men. My eyes got wide and Dr. Lawrence knew something was fishy.

Unfortunately, my friends vaccinated him before he could see anything. I never really liked Dr. Lawrence. considering he has abused me the most out of everyone.

Jade used a trick to go directly to a specific floor when she pressed a button. Everything was fine on the way out.

Mission Complete.

Chapter 4: Evasion

Blasting the Northwest Wing to pieces wasn’t going to be our escape, today. Instead, we would have to leave the laboratory by fooling others and being cunning.

We all immediately switched back to our original looks, taking up much of our energy, but we ate in the cafeteria to restore it and discuss Plan B.

Jade was going to visit the medical center to gather some vaccines that cause amnesia. She will inject any scientist that we happen to pass by.

Quartz has studied all the scientists schedules and knows where every camera in the building is. He also knows how to turn them off. A project he’s worked on for a while.

I, on the other hand, am actually a certain type of project. If I wasn’t in the group, Jade and Quartz wouldn’t be gathering these materials. In fact, they’ve been out before. Out in America. Outside of the laboratory. By themselves.

I never knew why I had to be the one who was tortured and withdrawn from the world inside the lab’s walls. But I’m certainly special. And with being special, means that I’m going to have to be the one who steals and returns the key cards from scientists in a blink of an eye. And I have to be the one that figures out the combinations and passwords to anything that gets in our way.

And the reason why Quartz and Jade can’t just distract scientists that we approach is that you can actually smell me. I’m not even kidding. My scent affects anyone within a 3 foot radius. My guess is that it’s supposed to attract some mate in the future, since that’s what most animals do. Hopefully, I can find a perfume to hide my strong body odor.

We threw away our trash and walked into a hallway that was cleared. The coast was clear, except for when we were at the door to enter the main building and exit the Northwest Wing. Quartz’s nurse, Patricia, had caught us. I grabbed a syringe from Jade and injected Patricia in an artery by her neck. She blacked out as I opened the locked door very carefully and put the key card back in Patricia’s breast pocket.

Out in the main building, the halls were made of glass, so everyone could see what was happening. I’ve never been here before, except for that one time I had severely injured myself and was carried on a stretcher. The halls were a bit crowded, but no one seemed to notice. Most of the scientists I had never met before, for they were complaining about some body odor stinking up the halls. We had to get out fast, though, because eventually one of the scientists that worked in the NWW will hear and we might never escape out of here. Quartz was especially familiar with the main building for he has gone around the whole building looking for cameras to control, as mentioned earlier. He guided Jade and I through strategic passageways that we could easily hide in and get out.

Then we arrived at the elevator right as the doors opened…

Chapter 3: Collecting Goods

From what I knew of the world outside, I gathered provisions. Outside of the laboratories, people drove cars, so I gathered keys. I’ve been fed all my life, so I stole food from the kitchen. To learn more about this world, I took my laptop. Once I escaped, the scientists would look for me for sure, so I concentrated and changed my look. My eyes went from hazel to green, black hair to ginger, and olive skin to pale skin. If there was anything else to do, I would do that during my escape.
To collect everything I had, I put it in a huge backpack. I needed to change my clothes and gather two friends who had similar, yet different, abilities.
My neighbors whose rooms were next to mine in the Northwest Wing had planned for their own escape as well. Their names were Jade and Quartz.
“Here is a 160 terabyte memory key that holds passwords and the scientists’ data,” Jade whispered as she showed me her rare find.
Quartz added, “Here is some currency.” He handed Jade and I each a stack of plastic slices with green pictures. “I like to study money. These are freshly printed and will change whenever they enter somewhere with a different currency.”
With that, we built up power to use a secret move that no scientist had ever planned for. Once we could sense 600 Newtons built up in our muscles, we bashed towards the window, only to find out we made a small crack. Escaping wasn’t going to be easy.